Joonas Kyöstilä

Copy of FFORA Essentials Collection


FFORA Essentials Collection

The First Lifestyle and Fashion Brand for People with Disabilities.


Easy to install, Effortless to Use

FFORA’s first product line, a wheelchair attachable Essentials Collection. Joined the company in 2018 as the first hire to develop the products and many other things.

More about the company:

Delivered as the Head of Industrial Design:
- Built the company’s physical design language from a scratch
- Visualised sketches and prototypes to develop and test products
- Core decisions on colors, materials and finishes
- Collaborated with engineers to design for manufacturing
- Worked with manufacturers, inspected samples
- Participated to brand development process with the branding team


Function, meet Fashion

At FFORA, we believe that when you design disability first, you create design that’s better for all. The full FFORA experience includes the Essentials Plus Bag, the Cupholder and the FFORA Attachment System for wheelchairs.


Everyday Luxuries Designed to be Seen

Stylish and intuitive tools and accessories that put everything you need within easy reach.


The System

System with a magnetic dock. Fits 90% of Wheelchair Models with silicone inserts.


The Cupholder

A Discreet yet robust cupholder. No more holding beers between your legs or one-handed wheeling while you hold your venti latte!


The Essentials Bag

Stylish and roomy leather bags in multiple finishes. Bags are designed by CEO and Fashion Designer Lucy Jones.

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Designed Disability First, Better for All

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The disabled community moves through a world that oftentimes is inaccessible- we are here to do our part to change that.